Paths, patios & fencing.. the often overlooked part of your garden, that is until something bad happens and you need to replace or maintain your boundaries.

Adding a quality fence to your garden creates a brilliant landscaping backdrop while defining the boundaries of your home. B.R.P will arrange a convenient time to come to your house and provide you with a free quotation, calling upon our expertise and experience in this field our quotations are very competitive. We use only the finest materials with our paths, patios and fencing to make sure everything withstands the British winters. We build Patios and pathways to the same standard to make sure your entire garden is finished to a high standard.

Choose from a wide range of Bowland stone products to suit your taste and budget, a great enhancement to any garden, large or small. Laid on a consolidated hardcore base, our patios are hard wearing and durable for a long lasting addition to your garden. Constructed from paving slabs, the two main types of which are concrete or stone.

Garden boundaries provide security for your property and the privacy to allow you to enjoy your new outdoor space. There are a range of fencing options available such as simple or decorative panels and traditional 'feather edge'. The choice is normally based on personal preference and aesthetics. Trellising can be employed alongside suitable planting to develop plant life and help bring the garden together.